Assemblies for Distribution Panels

Assemblies for Distribution Panels

Power Control Systems (PCS)

The Power Control Systems works with the MAGNUM Energy Inverter/Charger to bring the RV industry a revolutionary new concept. In the past, energy management systems operated when 120VAC was available and inverters operated when 120VAC was not available from either shore power or a generator. The Power Control Systems bring these two worlds together. While plugged into shore power, or when the generator is running, the Power Control Systems (PCS) will allow the RV to have more power than available on the shore power or generator, for short periods of time. When the PCS senses that 120VAC power has reached its maximum current, the PCS communicates to the MAGNUM inverter requesting additional power be generated from the battery. If more demands are put on the RV with additional appliances, the PCS will shed non-critical loads and avoid the nuisance tripping of circuit breakers.

Product Features and Function

The Power Control System is the only RV system that is UL Rated for 60°C operation.

The PCS monitors and manages total RV current to avoid the nuisance of circuit breaker tripping.

It also manages power no matter what the source: 50-amp Service, 30-amp Service, 20-amp Service, or Generator.

Along with managing the battery charging during high peak demands.

Provides additional power from the battery bank to smooth high peak demands.

It will shed non-critical loads during high peak loads.

The remote Panel displays Service Type, Load Status, and RV Current & Voltage.


If you’re ordering this part be sure to read the part number from the sticker that is on the circuit board not the big white sticker on the plastic housing.


Power Control Brochure

PCS Control Replacement Manual

PCS Installation Instructions

PCS Monitor Rev 5 Clear RV Data

PCS Monitor Rev 5 Transfer RV Data

PCS Trouble Shooting

Telephone Coupler


Assemblies for Distribution Panels



Power Control System Controller W/RV-C


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