Battery Guardian

The Battery Guardian (BG)

allows you to remotely disconnect the vehicle from the battery. Prevents battery drain during storage while eliminating the cumbersome task of physically removing the battery cable from the bank of batteries. Automatically disconnects the vehicle from the battery if it senses low voltage condition.

Product Features and Function

The Battery Guardian draws no current in the On or Off state.

Current Ratings:

160 Amps continuous, 600A cranking. (Part # 00-10041-300)

225 Amps continuous, 1200A cranking. (Part # 00-10041-350)

Ignition proof: SAW J1171

Waterproof: IEC 60529, IP66 IP 67, ASTM B 117 96 hours salt spray

Approved for battery compartments

Microprocessor-controlled internal coil:

No external fuse

Prevents coil damage from “sticky switches”

Prevents accidental disconnect if ignition signal is detected

Weight: Under 1 pound


The Battery Guardian opens and connects the two 5/16” copper terminals by means of a sliding contact. Each time the Sig terminal is momentarily switched to ground, the contact instantly switches, and the Battery Guardian changes the ON/OFF state. The Battery Guardian remains in the On or Off state, without coil power


The BG is a Battery Disconnect (BD) but also includes an automatic low-voltage disconnect. When it senses the levels are getting low it will automatically disconnect to prevent further draining.

The BG AutoSelect (00-10041-460) is a cross between a BD and a BG and works with a 3-position Rocker Switch: On, Off, and Auto.

In the On or Off position, it works like a BD. In the Auto position, it works like a BG.

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Wiring Diagram by Part #’s


– 160 AMPs


– 225 AMPs


BGA Series


– 225 AMPs