Lithium Battery Isolation Manager

The Lithium BIM (Li-BIM) isolates the two battery systems, chassis, and coach, in a motorhome. This prevents loads in one system from discharging both. It also connects the two battery systems together during charging. Both batteries are charged if either is being charged. The coach battery is charged while driving and the chassis battery is charged while plugged into Shore Power at a campground.

The Li-BIM monitors the voltage of both the Lead Acid Chassis and Lithium Coach batteries over long periods of time. If it senses a charging voltage, it connects the two batteries together. If the charging system is drastically overburdened, the batteries will be isolated, however, if the Li-BIM sees a long-term charging of both batteries it will allow the batteries to remain connected and allow the charging system to do its job. Once the batteries have charged for one hour, the Li-BIM will isolate the batteries to prevent overcharging, and will only reconnect the batteries for charging if one of the batteries drops to approximately 80% charge, and the other is being charged. This long-term monitoring of the batteries prevents the annoying relay clicking that exists in simpler isolation modules today. The Li-BIM does not guarantee 100% battery charge but prevents harmful charge levels.


The Battery Isolation Manager goes between the Chassis and Coach Batteries to maintain both batteries when either one is charging.

Discontinued Series



Wiring Diagram by Part #’s

00-10041-260 – 225 AMPs

00-10041-261– 225 AMPs W/Mate-N-Lok Connector