Water Pump Control Modules

Water Pump Control 10 Amp


Product Features and Function

The Water Pump Control 10 Amp (WPC) turns on/off the water pump from multiple locations, eliminating the need for running heavy gauge wires throughout the RV.

The Water Pump Control 10 Amp can be mounted right next to the water pump. A single low-current signal wire can be run through the RV. Any momentary ground pulse on this wire toggles the pump on & off. Any momentary switch wired from this signal wire to a local ground can be pressed to toggle the pump on & off. This way the pump can be turned on in one location, and then turned off in another. The positive side of the pump is connected directly to the + side of the coach battery through a fuse. The Water Pump Control uses solid-state switching to connect the negative side of the pump to the battery ground and run when requested.

Key features:

Easy installation to control water pump from multiple locations

Waterproof, fully potted module

Solid state switching

The 00-10027-000 variation has 10 Amps continuous current rating

The 00-10027-100 variation has 15 Amps continuous current rating

Operating voltage range of 9.0Vdc to 16.0Vdc

Ambient temperature range of -40°C to +85°C

All connections made with a 1/4″ faston quick connect terminals

2.990″ wide x 1.550″ deep x .745″ tall (.780″ to the top of the terminals)


WPC Brochure

WPC Trouble Shooting


Part #’s

00-10027-000 – 10 Amp latching (switch to ground)

00-10027-100 – 15 Amp latching (switch to ground) – Discontinued