Power Control System 50 AMP

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Manuals Brochure Power Control System System Wiring Diagram Power Control Brochure PCS Owners Manual PCS Installation Instructions Part #’s 00-10020-000 – Includes: 8 Main Stabs Interfaced, 4 Sub Stabs Interfaced (Controller NOT included)             00-10020-005 – Includes: 00-10020-000 50A Service Panelboard 00-10020-500 50AMP PCS Controller (inside Panelboard)      … Read more »

Power Control Systems Controllers

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Power System Controllers

Power Control Systems Controllers (PCS) 50 Amp   The Power Control Systems works with the MAGNUM Energy Inverter/Charger to bring the RV industry a revolutionary new concept. In the past, energy management systems operated when 120VAC was available and inverters operated when 120VAC was not available from either shore power or a generator. The Power… Read more »