20A Power Share EMS

Power Share Switch


Product Features and Function

The Power Share Switch (PSS) provides the capability to wire two appliances to a single circuit breaker. The Primary appliance never losses power. The Secondary appliance is allowed to run as long as the Primary is not drawing current. Power to the secondary appliance is turned off whenever the primary appliance is drawing current.

The wiring of the Power Share Switch (PSS) is pretty simple. The three ground wires are wire nut together. The three neutral wires are wired to the three neutral screw terminals. The line screw terminal is wired to the circuit breaker, and the primary and secondary appliances are wired directly to their screw terminals. Since the current sensing is done on the board, the appliance wiring connects directly to the screw terminal.

The PSS uses a Normally Closed relay which provides two benefits. Additional high pot testing inside the PSS of the secondary appliance wiring is NOT required as is on competitive units. Also, should the PSS product fail in the field, the limp home feature is that everything works, just without the PSS feature.


Key features of the PSS:

Power share of two appliances on one circuit breaker

Everything works in the limp home feature due to the normally closed relay contact

No additional high-pot testing


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Power Share Switch Automatic Energy Select Switch


PSS Brochure

PSS Trouble Shooting