One Place Controls

One Place Monitor Panel

Product Features and Function

The One Place Monitor Panel has three automatic learn features and it will learn:

If the water and waste tanks have 1/3 or 1/4 increment sensors

If a second gray and/or second blank waste tank exists

If the water heater function exists

Each feature above is learned independently, even for the individual tanks.

Once a feature is learned, it is stored in non-volatile memory and remembered even if battery power is removed from the panel.

The One Place Monitor Panel has many safeguards to prevent improperly learning a feature. Should the panel have learned something incorrectly, an option exists on the panel to reset the original factory default, so that the panel can re-learn the proper features.


Learn One Place Monitor Panel

Water Pump Control Brochure

Water Pump Trouble Shooting


Part #’s

00-10032-100  – Call for a replacement

Model 100 Troubleshooting

00-10032-200  – Call for a replacement


00-10032-400 – Call for a replacement

00-10032-500 – Call for a replacement


One Place Remote Monitor Panel

00-10038-000 – Call for a replacement